(Ass)Crack A Bottle

Eminem has some kind of a sense of humour.  He does.  But I’m not sure it stretches to having a man’s meat and two veg in his face on national tv.  Or maybe it does.  The man never smiles anyway, so it can be hard to tell.

Anyway the video above shows what happened to Em at the MTV Movie Awards, and whilst he doesn’t look overly impressed in this clip, rumours are emerging that this HAS to have been pre-planned cos there’s no way they could’ve done this to him without him knowing.  So his reaction of disgust is down to his acting skills? Hmmmm.

Even better is the rumour that they apparantly wanted to have it happen to Paris Hilton but she said no.  I guess Doug’s are enough for her.  Paris is of the opinion that Em was genuinely shocked, and she seems to have some inside info:

“I don’t think he [Eminem] knew, because I talked to someone who was running the show before and he said a big surprise was gonna happen and the person didn’t know it was gonna happen,”

She goes on to say that the whole thing was “very odd“.  Well I hope so, otherwise it was an insight into Eminem’s life that I don’t think anyone was ready for.


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Mariah Admits To Imperfection

6a00d83451b46869e200e54f5064888834-640wiBut also makes hints that she may, in fact, be heavenly also. Even though it feels like only yesterday when Mariah dropped E=MC2 on us all, its actually been over a year. A whole year of disappointingly underachieving singles, not-enough-news-coverage shock weddings and entire Eminem hate songs. Whats a girl to do to get more press? Well, whip out some more songs, of course. The-Dream, who wrote/produced Touch My Body for Carey, had this to say about her upcoming album:

I think it’s about just writing an album that includes the focus of all the hits that she’s had. She can’t take a loss; she has to do everything to the T. So it’s basically like we’re trying to make a greatest hits album without using the greatest hits.

Interesting. So what you’re saying is, she wants an album full of hit singles. What an original take of musical output. Obviously they’re both geniuses. But along with The-Dream, Mariah has worked with Tricky Stewart (Umbrella, Single Ladies), Jermaine Dupri (who already gave Mariah the singles It’s Like That and Don’t Forget About Us), Brian Michael Cox (who already gave Mariah We Belong Together and Get Your Number) and Timbaland. She’s also doing a cover of Foreigner’s “I Want To Know What Love Is.” So, she’s working with the biggest hit producers of today, and the producers who’ve given her the biggest hits to date, not to mention covering one of the biggest power ballads of all time. I tell you, Mariah is the Stephen Hawkins of R’n’B. And then you find out what she’s calling her new album.

Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel. Ugh.

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Wild Em’ Out


This is the pic that Nick Canno put up on his own blog page once the song Bagpipes From Bagdad was leaked on to the internet. Why so mad? Well, because a choice lyric is “Nick Cannon you pr*ck, I wish you luck with the fu*king whore”. Oh my. Accompanying this pic was an epic (and I do mean epic, as in several THOUSAND words long) rant and tirade against Em, a choice sentence being “So as I further examine the track, I hear dude cross the line. He begins to call my wife out of her name! Now as y’all know, I don’t take that type of nonsense lightly.” Hmmm, harsh. But he goes on to say that Eminem is in fact a racist, that he’s “fallen off” (not entirely sure what that means) and that he’ll gladly “meet up with Em to clear up the situation.”

Does that mean a gentlemanly chat with tea and crumpets? A fisticuffs barechested brawl in downtown Detroit? A guest spot for Em on Wild’N’Out? Or is this nothing more than just helping Em sell more of his comeback album? Either way, here’s the song that caused the whole thing. Be prepared for some very, very naughty vocabulary.

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Right Round

Flo-rida, him of the muscles, who gave us the great Low and Elevator and the truly terrible In Da Ayer, has broken download records with his new song Right Round.  The song which draws inspiration from Dead or Alive’s You Spin Me Round (Like a record) got 636,000 downloads on it’s release, smashing the record set by Eminem’s comeback single Crack A Bottle a few weeks previous.

Now I’m not wrong in saying that the original song, and admitting liking said song, makes a person instantly ostracised from their previous group of friends and yet when the song was re-released in 2006 after Pete Burn’s appearance on Celebrity Big Brother, it reached Number 5 in the charts.  And the song has been used and re-used to death over the years by everyone from Gigi d’Agostino to Eiffel 65 to Jessica Simpson, and now Flo-rida.  But no-one admits to liking it.  Maybe it’s cos it will forever be connected to this man. And that’s quite scary.


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