The Weighing Kind

nadineNadine Coyle is one sexy lady, there’s no denying that most men would gladly have her as their other half, but maybe they’d reconsider it after hearing about her latest diet obsession. 

Having dinner at The Ivy in London, Nadine ordered a portion of plain fish, no sauce or seasoning, then produced an electronic scales and proceeded to weigh the meal.  Obviously there was somethin’ kinda huge about the meal cos she then broke some of it off and asked for that part to be taken away. An onlooker said “It was the oddest thing I’ve ever seen, but she acted as though it was the most normal thing in the world.”

Obviously all these sexiest woman polls Cheryl Cole has been beating her in lately have triggered off the crazy.


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The FHM Top Ten

This entry was done because it was news worthy. For no other reason. Yes, the photo research and recon part of it did seem to make time fly, but just because something is nice to look at it, doesn’t mean it’s not still work! Go say that to some architect and see if he agrees with you or me. Anyways, the FHM Top 100 Sexy Women issue just came out, and even for men who don’t normally buy FHM, this is the one issue a year that they do invest in. I don’t have time to go through all 100 of them here, so lets just make do with the top tenth.

(10) Freida Pinto.


Any money we won’t be seeing her this high up again. Unless that Bond rumour comes true, in which case we might see her up even higher.

(9) Anna Friel


I don’t agree with this. She’s cute, yes. But she makes me feel bad for looking at her unclothed. I don’t know how or why, but its the truth.

(8) Kristin Kreuk


Who? She was in Smallville, you say? Hmmm. Never heard of her.

(7) Elisha Cuthbert


I liked her in 24 and The Girl Next Door, and she looks like durt, so she can stay.

(6) Adrina Lima


Appearantly this woman didn’t have sex until she got married earlier this year. I didn’t think stuff like that still happened. They should erect a statue in honour of her. I’d erect it myself.

(5) Keeley Hazell


She has overtaken David Beckham as the most Google-d Brit in the States. Good for her.

(4) Britney Spears


Nervous breakdowns and being vaguely unhinged are desirable personality traits, just as long as you’ve got the breasts and the money to back it all up.

(3) Jessica Alba


No matter what Jessica Biel does in her life, she must rue the day Alba’s parents named their daughter, for now she is forever known as “Jessica Biel? Is she the hot one? Or the other one who goes out with JT?”

(2) Megan Fox


Came number one last year on the back of Transformers and nothing more. This year she has Transformers 2 and a film called Jennifer’s Body about a nympho-cheerleader who is also a murderer. Hmmm……

(1) Cheryl Cole


Yes. I agree.

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Gary Barlow eats Kimberly Walsh!!!

bootifulHe WISHES!!!

Gary was asked after the Brits, which member of Girls Aloud he fancied and it turns out it’s Kimberley (no complaints from us!).  But not content with a normal, bloke-y type reason as to why she’s the tastiest, Gary comes out with “I’d eat Kimberley – she’s very pretty.” Now when it comes to a female, there are only two meanings that the word “eat” can conjure up. One is of the sexual variety and the other is of the cannibal variety and neither are entirely appropriate “older man talking about younger woman” discussions.  Though to be fair she does look tasty in this photo.

However, poor old Cheryl is lucky she’s married cos she’s not gonna be getting any Barlow lovin’. Gary’s unimpressesd cos “there’s not a lot of meat on her.” True that.

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Girls Aloud Are Epic

Following on from their Best Single win at the Brits, Girls Aloud have announced what their third single is set to be. Unfortunately for us, we may not be around to hear the end of it.

Thats not a type-o, or a remix, or anything of that nature. That is the actual track from the actual album. It is actually 6 minutes and 42 seconds long. If you’ve listened to that song from start to finish, during that time, 719 people around the world have died. Bohemian Rhapsody is only 5 minutes and 55 seconds long, and you see people needing medical assistance getting off a karaoke stage after “singing” that, so I can only imagine how many people Untouchable might actually kill, aside from the 719 already dead during it being played.

Now, I’m not saying Girls Aloud are killing 719 people every 6 minutes and 42 seconds, but I’m not not saying that either. I simply don’t have the kind of information to confirm or deny that.

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