Return of the CAPS!!

ughKanye is back to bragging about his friends and their shiny shirts on his blog, this time about Jared “I used to be hotter” Leto and Brandon Flowers. Kanye looks like he’s trying to perfect his “I’m an indie fucker now who smiles for no-one” stare, Jared looks like he hasnt fully realised where he is as he channels the spirit of Kurt Cobain, and Brandon looks like that guy that sneaks into photographs at parties.  Anyways, Kanye describes the situation as only he can:


No-one who likes Brandon Flowers cares that he has little twinklies, no matter how DOPE, on his shirt.  Especially since you can’t see them in this photograph cos his shirt and Jared’s hair is actually making the camera bleed. 

Still good to see Kanye back in CAPS!


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The Twitter twat takes to sea

problemI’m pretty sure that I’ve seen far more of John Mayer than I ever intended to in this picture.  Those shorts have a bang of porn star about them and something tells me that John is entirely ok with that.  He’s obviously trying to reach a new audience via a medium other than Twitter.

Anyways, John is setting sail for a cruise to Mexico and I swear for the life of me I cannot see how he thought that that outfit would be a good idea. And to be honest if I was a person, regardless of gender, who was on board with John I would be genuinely concerned.  I bet his suitcase consists of that outfit, a pair of red and gold spandex short shorts, a chest wig and a medallion.  And lots o’ baby oil. Oh yeah!! Jennifer must be wiping the tears away with her $50,000 preened hair knowing that she can no longer get a piece of her very own Steve Guttenberg from Police Academy.



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Who can get a crowd more excited?

Forget Obama, forget Aretha and her bat-shit crazy hat, few could get  crowd going like this four year old kid. He is destined for dictatorship!

Here at We Do Funny, we love a bit of mentalist, especially in the shape of Tyra Banks. When she’s not busy ordering pretty young things to smile with their eyes or dressing like a man(I have no words)…,

she’s doing this:

Refined whale fat in a tin has never been this exciting! I propose a vote:

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Poseidon, look at me…..

Back again is The Lonely Island with the new release from their interestingly titled album ‘Incredibad’. I don’t think anything could top Jizz In My Pants but I’m On A Boat still brings in the goods. Having T-Pain feature on the track was a good move not to mention him singing one of my favourite lines of the track ‘believe me when I say, I fucked a mermaid’. Genius.

Also, check out the now defunct series called ‘The Bu’ featuring Sarah Chalke of more recent Scrubs fame or if you wanna go earlier, em, Roseanne. Pretty much a spoof of The Oc, essentially it was a show within a show and also heavily features a cartoon squirrel who liked to say Hoobastank (not to be confused with the band) a lot. Enter moody faces and outragious story-lines.

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Love Christina Milian? Say I!

The music industry is an unforgiving industry. It will swallow you up and poop you out before you’ve even got a first single out. And in no other genre is this more evident than in the R’n’B genre, especially a female artist in that genre. If you don’t have the voice (Paris Hilton), the looks (Michelle Williams) or the capacity to pick good songs for yourself (Christina Aguilera), the world will be not take notice, and your albums will flop. So it is odd to me that Christian Milian seems to have somehow fallen thru the cracks:


Look at her. Just look at her, will you?? Possessing the rare capacity to somehow be both sexy and cute, Milian is a total ride-face. She is totally talented, having written not only most of her own songs, but also J-Lo’s best(?) song, Play. And Milian has an amazing voice. Topped off with the fact when she was in her teens she release AM To PM (a great teeny-bopper song), when she got into her 20’s she released the safe but sexy Dip It Low, and when she split up with Nick Cannon (I know! I didn’t know she went out with him either! But she totally dodged the bullet on that one) she released the self-affirmating Say I. So the girl knows her shizzle. But it has been three years since that single, and the world has moved on to Beyonce, Ciara, Lady GaGa, et al. But if a baldy Britney, is allowed a comeback, why shouldn’t Milian have the same rights?

Well, despite the fact she appearantly has peeps like Danja, Lil’ Jon, T-Pain, RedOne, Tricky Stewart and my personal Jesus, Timbaland, working on the new album, this is what she has decided to be her lead off single:

If you’re not bothered watching the whole thing, lemme give you a glimpse off the best bit, which shows up around the 1 minute mark:


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Messy song, messy video….I could have made this on a mac

Recently we brought you U2’s new song ‘Get On Your Boots’ from their forthcoming album No Line On The Horizon and now we have the video. I’ll be honest, I like the beginning of the song….its got that great beat and a driving lick that sticks in your brain but then a whole explosion of noise and lyrics like ‘you don’t know how beautiful you aaaaarrrreeee’ ooze out and we’re back to the generic sound that U2 have been flirting with lately. Coupled with the video, which is equally pointless and erratic, I find myself shouting WTF? at my computer screen. Actually, perhaps the director was making  a sly comment on the state of this song with the visual mess that is their video. What has happened to the biggest band in the world? Do the Killers really aspire to be like this? Coldplay must be dancing in their revolutionary-style booties(sexy, of course) as I type. On a positive note, the video does remind me of a much better song and video by Michael Jackson, which I love coz its all shades of crazy…..kinda like him.

Ah Michael…

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Nothing wrong with that so far

Orlando Bloom is the male Keira Knightley in that he likes to dress the same, and star in, different variations of basically the same film over and over and over and…..

But even men have to admit that he has a better chest that old K.K and lately pictures of it have been surfacing every day from the set of his new movie Sympathy for Delicious.


I’m not entirely sure if he needs to be this shirtless for this long, or whether he’s hired a crew member to take photos of him and leak them online but who cares. I know all I need to know about this film already.

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Ashton’s become “that guy”

Ashton Kutcher has been, ahem, keeping a low profile lately, at least in comparison to his I’m EVERYWHERE phase, and so it’s funny to see that he’s become the guy with the wife living in the suburbs complaining about his neighbours.

He has some choice words for his neighbour who was, apparantly legally, engaging in some early morning construction work and that is just a no go for young Ashton. He needs his beauty sleep god damn it! Anyway, he ended up making an apology video which all seems a bit ridiculous as surely he could’ve said it face to face but whatever. He was probably afraid that the guy would hammer his ass.

The neighbour wasn’t too impressed with Ashton’s internet tantrum especially since he apparantly endured similar noise when Casa de Kutcher was being built.

Aren’t celebrity internet rants just the best?

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Awesome Intermissions!

Check this ad out!

I saw this ad a couple of months ago and only remembered how fitting it would be for this blog piece. When I first saw it I had to scratch my head a while before it became clear. Watch it a few times….its a grower.

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