Herbal? Surely she prefers crack.


If I met this woman on the street and she approached me like this with a bottle of shampoo that she swore would give me hair like Kate Beckinsale and orgasms in the shower, I would run.  Away.  Fast.  I would assume that this conversation was a diversionary tactic and that if I turned around a 5 year old street kid would be robbing me. 

But in Hollywood this woman is simply called Mischa Barton, the chick who used to be in a really successful show, the new hot young thing.  But then she went off on a Lohan trip and hit the substances and now people are starting to wonder why she’s still around.  Which I’m sure isn’t the best spokeswhore that Herbal Essences could get.  I mean Neutrogena got Vanessa Hudgens to promote their face cleanser/vibrator, surely some ho younger than Mischa who looks like they actually give a shit about personal hygiene would be willing to wear those hideous sandals and talk about Herbal Essences for a while.


April 17, 2009. Tags: , , , , , . douch alert, funny, hollywood gossip, oh sweet jesus, random, tv.

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