This Shit Is Spreading

First (and still) there was (and is) The Joaquin Phoenix Debacle.

Then there was The Christian Bale Disaster.

And now….. The Billy Bob Thornton Calamity. If you haven’t already watched the video that seemed to be the catalyst to all of this, then I suggest you watch it now. It is quite epic in length (nearly 14 minutes!), but it is totally worth it. Its like watching a Ricky Gervais character, imbued with a misplaced sense of himself because he got to sex Angelina Jolie, throw a near wordless and moveless hissy fit on every kind of media that there is available.

I know, right? What they didn’t/couldn’t show is the live performance that the band did at the end, which had to be an instrumental, since Billy Bob refused to sing, but blamed it on a lack of drums(?!). But, towards the end of the interview, B.B.T referred to Canada as “very reserved…… tend to just stand there…… like mashed potatoes with no gravy”, a statement which may not have been very well timed, since he was still in Canada, and had yet to play his Canadian gig, scheduled for later on that night. And when it came time for the gig itself, Billy Bob’s band, The Boxmasters (tee hee), who were opening for Willie Nelson, were met with boo’s, catcall’s and a chant of “Here comes the gravy.” The next day, it was reported that The Boxmasters were cancelling the rest of the Canadian leg of their tour, since one band member and several of the crew having the flu.

Has there ever been a better timed case of the flu in the history of time? Personally, I would’ve just made something up about being sick and ran from the country with my tail between my legs. Thankfully Billy Bob had a genuine ailment. Thats why he’s up there, and I’m down here. *settles back into place in the gutter*


April 13, 2009. Tags: , , , , , , , . douch alert, funny, hollywood gossip, movies, music, random, tv.

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