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Dear Readers,

We here at WeDoFunny are constantly striving for the best, looking for the best music, best films, best famous idiot to quote verbatim. We let you know about the audiovisual erection that was Ciara’s video to LoveSexMagic weeks ago, and it currently resides atop the iTunes Video Download chart, and we let you know that The Black Eyed Peas new song, Boom Boom Pow, was all kinds of awesome, and right now that song can be found at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. So trust us when we say the following song just. doesn’t. work.

Rihanna on her comeback. Lady GaGa still on the crest of popularity fame. Timbaland production. What could go wrong on Silly Boy? Well, everything…… To the point where I really hope somebody announces that this song is a fakey. The over-use of Auto-Tune makes me feel kinday queasy (and after Boom Boom Pow got it so spot on!), the wildly veering baseline that comes on way too strong, drowning out the lyrics, and Rihanna doesn’t exactly have the strongest voice to begin with. Couple all of this with the outright sickening fact that you will find it almost impossible to dance to, and we have a major disappointment. Must Try Harder.


April 10, 2009. funny, music.

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