Love is all around

A whole lot of lovin has been going on lately in the world of celebrities, although none of them are necessarily scandalous or A list, they probably do deserve a mention.

 First off is the news that Harrison Ford’s old ass finally proposedto Calista Flockhart’s bony ass.


Harrison, 66, apparantly proposed to Calista, 44, on Valentines Day. About bloody time!

Speaking of age difference and all that jazz, Bruce Willis went and got hitched to his model girlf Emma Heming after dating for a year.  They got married in the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Carribbean, nice!


Now Bruce has the whole old sexy vibe going on, but it still must be said that he got lucky with Emma, she’s a total ride face. And she’s 30 and he’s 54.  Her only flaw may be a case of Angelina Jolie knees (seriously those things are damn ugly!) And now Ashton has a new friend at the dinner table!

Another marriage that’s taken place that we care even less about is that of Natasha Bedingfield and her businessman boyfriend Matthew Robinson.  They got married at the Church Estates Vineyard in Malibu and she wore a Vera Wang dress. Apparantly the ceremony was full of vomit-inducing declarations of love and the pictures  have an equal hint of nausea about them but lets not be too bitter.


The girl done good!

And finally, another romance has been announced, albeit a brand shiny new one, between Katy Perry and Josh Groban.  No-one really cares about Josh outside of America but we know he’s famous and shizz so I guess it’s a couple that makes sense.  Apparantly they’ve been friends for a while but then she started giving him a taste of her cherry chapstick and they both liked it enough to start dating.


A slight change from Travis McCoy to say the least!


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