Final nail in the sexy coffin

It’s official. Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer hot. I’ll freely admit that up until a few months ago I’d gladly have broken legs and squashed babies for the chance to get close in a sexual way to Cristy but that all changed when I realised that he was a lazy, whiney, orange-ified twat. And now all hopes of returning him to sex god status in my mind has vanished. While he was never exactly a snappy dresser, this outfit is tragic. The man’s jeans are hurting my eyes!!

If you are happily cocooned in your love of Cristy then don’t click on this link. But if you hate his greasy ass, enjoy with caution.

Oh and on another note, Cristy’s 24 today. So happy freakin’ birthday to him.


February 5, 2009. Tags: , . douch alert, oh sweet jesus, random.

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