Bad Move Chelsy!

chelsylookinroughChelsy Davy has made a big mistake. She’s finished her relationship with Prince Harry (the world’s only known hot ginge) after five years. There’s a lot of conflicting reports there, some say that she couldnt cope with his party lifestyle, others say that it all ended amicably. Don’t they all.

Now granted this is a particularly bad photo of Chelsy, so it’s probably not entirely fair, but then I’m not entirely sure that I care either. Harry is young, hot, loaded AND a prince. What does he have to do to make you break up with him? Repeatedly kick your puppy in the face maybe?


Dumb b***h.


January 26, 2009. random.

One Comment

  1. Allie replied:

    As attractive as she is, I believe it’s a great move on her part. Prince Harry is a racially insensitive individual who constantly attempts to cover his true colors with the facade of charity work and mounting apologies at the berating of his equally as discriminative father.

    Be that as it may, he DOES look great with his shirt off…

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