Final Destination: Death Trip 3-D!

I loved Final Destination and I really liked Final Destination 2 and I liked Final Destination 3, even though not one of those movies were in any real way particularly good. They’re the kinda movies where when you arrive at the cinema and somebody says “Okay, we can see this 11 time Oscar winner thats 210 minutes long, or we can go to this shitty horror movie?”, and your brain wants to be fed with the talky, thinky picture, but every other organ in your body wants to see the blood and the guts. So I was more than happy when I heard that Final Destination 4 was on the way. And even in the wake of last years’ two bloody awful 3-D horror films (Scar 3-D; terrible. My Bloody Valentine 3-D; really terrible.), I was even more happy to find out that FD4 was gonna be in 3-D! And then they released some set pics.

Death By Fiery Escalator? I’m not quite sure why this guy is holding her so tightly. This isn’t Cliffhanger. There isn’t a sheer drop below her. You’re on a staircase:


Not quite sure what this one is, but I’m guessing its death by particularly invasive acupunture:


This one, however, I love. I like to think that its not part of FD: DT3-D at all, but that she’s just broken up with someone and she went to get her car washed and on the radio is “their song” and she has a complete mental breakdown:


But more than likely she just forgot to roll up one of the windows and now she’s going to drown. Stupid bitch. Come August 21st we can all laugh at her!


January 25, 2009. Tags: , , , , , , , . funny, movies.


  1. Az replied:

    well you got all the deaths completely wrong

  2. esqy habara replied:

    its cool movies…i love thid movie….i waiting next movie…

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