No-one wants to f**k you Kanye


Every time Kanye West opens his mouth and projectile vomits some total self-righteous crap I want to open MY mouth and scream holy hell until I kill off the brain cells that held the memory of aforementioned Mr. West. The guy is a total cock jock. Ha, HE WISHES.

As far as I’m concerned Kanye saying he’d do bisexual porn is pretty pointless because I’m pretty sure not even the skankiest of desperados would accept money to touch that fruitcake’s pencil dick now. He used to be cool by being different. Now he’s going around telling people what he’s going to do in order to reach echelons of cool normally reserved for religious gods, Hugh Hefner and David Beckham. And then he changes his mind about the last thing he said and says something else equally egotistical.

In his own blog, ( ) Kanye denies ever saying the whole bisexual porn thing and goes all self-defensive. Yawn. If you like your suit so much then stay home and wear it all day while contemplating your next eye watering public performance.


January 23, 2009. Tags: , , . hollywood gossip, music, oh sweet jesus.

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