When Old Folks Homes Go Bad

This just in: an old folk’s home in the Hollywood Hills is currently under investigation for taking pictures of their clients in scantily clad get up in order to whore them out to the poor and the aimless in the need of a good shag.


Actually, no. Its just Madonna, doing a photo shoot for Louis Vuitton, but it is also appearantly a re-plug for her unfavourable latest album, Hard Candy. Only Madonna could get an entire album produced by Timbaland and The Neptunes and still have it crash and burn. Well, Madonna….. And Ashlee Simpson. But that’s not Ashlee’s fault, everyone already hated her by that point. But still, we’re getting off topic here. Further evidence, if there was any more needed, that Madonna is a one woman gag reflex tester:


And here she is with current toy boy, Jesus Luz:


And come on guys, you can’t really blame him. All he has to do is put in a year or two, help her go child shopping once or twice during that time, and hey presto!, he’s $50 million the richer! But come on Madonna, the guy looks around 17 years old! You’re really starting to creep us all out in a disturbingly large number of ways now.

Picture right: before Madonna. (look how happy!)

Picture left: the moment his agent told him who his next photo shoot is with.



January 19, 2009. Tags: , , , , , , , . funny, music, oh sweet jesus, random.


  1. Davis replied:

    You had me going there, so to speak. Not sure this is funny or disgusting, but enjoyed it anyway

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