Mic Check

Ok I know that there is some severe mileage being gotten from this Joaquin Phoenix career change thing but the whole thing is just so genuinely bizarre that we can NOT stop talking about it.  The man is blatantly hitting the substances hard, and he’s crossed the line from hot hollywood peep to hairy homeless loon.


But this rap thing, which is getting less and less likely to be a joke, is something  straight from the land of crazy. Maybe it’s “Betty Ford” that J.P should be writing on his hands instead.

But if he IS focussed on some crazy rap shit then we have to wonder what his stage name will be, cos lets be honest, he has to have one. No rapper worth their grill and pimp cup sticks with their own name, they have to give it a gangsta twist. So here’s what I’m thinking. I’m thinking he’ll stick with Phoenix, but for the street cred he’ll change the spelling to “Feenyx”. Nice. And it leads him into the perfect debut single about shedding his actor status and arising from the ashes of his former career to become a music phenomenon. You know, like a Phoenix y’all.

Other suggestions for a stage name worthy of a man who seems to be well and truly off the wagon are welcome!!


January 19, 2009. Tags: , , , , . hollywood gossip, movies, music, oh sweet jesus, random.

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