Kate Moss has bad taste!

Yeah I said it. Kate Moss has bad taste in something besides men and drug based past-times. This is a picture of one of her birthday presents arriving today in preparation for the festivities tomorrow.


I know what you’re thinking. “what kind of a friend would bring that piece of shit” but wait!!! Kate requested this piece of shit. And in fact she has a very similar piece of shit already.  And before you start to think Kate is ready to commence collecting tea-cosies and china thimbles, smack yourself in the mouth for being such a philistine. This is art daaaaawling. Well, apparantly.  It’s the creation of London-based artist Polly Morgan who basically is into taxidermy. Yeah, eeew. Apparantly Kate invested in a Polly Morgan piece two years ago which set her back several thousand pounds, so we can only assume that they’ve gotten (inexplicably) more expensive now. But they’re still horrible! It’s like something you see in the house of an old person you hate visiting, the kind of thing that makes you scour your skin red raw when you get home, and yet you’re still, not, clean.


January 15, 2009. Tags: , , , , . oh sweet jesus.

One Comment

  1. polly replied:

    oh do fuck off you twat

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