Where the hell will I get to see Amaury Nolasco now?

Yeah, this is severely unfunny. Prison Break has reached the end of the road (ok we all knew this was gonna happen cos to be fair they limited themselves in the title alone) but it’s still not a happy thing to find out. “Prison Break had a hell of a run but it’s at the end of its run,” Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly said at the Television Critics Association winter press tour in L.A. And while I will miss the occasionally brilliant story twists, it’s the random hotness it brought to my tv that I’ll miss most.


What will poor Amaury do now? Where will I get to see him and hear him punctuate sentences with unnecessary Spanish? And what about these two?


One is the biggest loss known to woman-kind, and the other is the hottest dad ever. I’d imagine there are an unnecessary amount of parent teacher meetings in little Dominic Purcell Junior’s (I dunno if there is one ok) school. Those teachers must invent shit just to get him in a room alone with them.

On closer inspection though, both of them have noses that look like they met a wall at speed so maybe it’s best to focus on Amaury, while we still can, and wait and see if any of them re-surface post-PB with a career.


January 14, 2009. Tags: , , , , , . random, tv.


  1. vera replied:

    hey. shut up. all of them are absolutelly gorgeus. don’t be mean. I love them all. I will really miss PB when this season ends 😦

  2. Sisi replied:

    PB rocks. I lvd it so did my sons n the brothers. . . .so identical!

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