But lesbians don’t buy Playboy?

Aubrey O’Day is one confused ass chick. First she spends her entire career with Danity Kane taking every photo opportunity to pave the way for a career as a lads mag whore, then she goes and says that she being a whore for the mickey isnt for her anymore, goes to the lady store and gets herself a rent-a-girlf and now she’s managed to snag herself a deal with Heff himself.

aubry-oday-1Yep that’s right it looks like the token lesbian declaration has boosted Aubrey’s career enough to earn her $500,000 for an appearance in Playboy in March. So I take it she’s re-discovered her love of all things phallic then. Aubrey might have to get her own dedicated section here, she’s becoming as irritatingly, ridiculously interesting as Spencer Pratt. A total doosh who just generally makes you feel better about yourself.


January 5, 2009. Tags: , , , , , . oh sweet jesus.

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