Rap; Anyone Can Do It!

points_commonI’m not sure why, but I used to think that rap was, like, difficult. Some people make it look really, really hard to do. Everytime I look at an Eminem or Dr. Dre video, they make it look incredibly complex. Whereas other artists, like Snoop or Common (above), make it look very, very easy, like they rapped their way out of the womb.

Again, I’m not sure why, but I used to think that Common was, like, talented. He’s had eight rap albums out, and everyone seems to know who he is, and respect him, cos he’s kinda awesome in a vaguely threatening way. But then I sat my ass down and listened to his latest album, Universal Mind Control. Here’s some sample lyrics:

From Punch Drunk Love: “My ungh is in your body / My ungh is in your mind”

From Sex 4 Suga: “Baby Girl, ooooh, you look so ungh / I wanna ungh”

From Announcement: “Yeah, I know beef / Let it cook/ I pop like grease / You thirst can’t shot my feast ungh”

Now, don’t get me wrong, the album is actually okay (cos The Neptunes produced 7 of the 10 songs), but I’m beginning to think that this rap game is much easier than I initially thought. Shouldn’t there be some kind of lyrical prowess involved. When in doubt, just listen to some of the lyrics from The New Kids On The Block latest album:

From Dirty Dancing: “Oooh this is crazy / You be my Baby / And I’ll be your Swayze”

Awe inspiring.


December 15, 2008. Tags: , , , , , . funny, music.

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