Another B-lister hit by lesbianitis

Apologies in advance for Aubrey O’Day’s second mention in as many days but then she’s been a busy girl lately! The girl who once was almost as big a wanksta as Kendra Wilkinson and Nelly has taken a new direction and has jumped on the fake lesbian train to careerboostville. 


Maybe she was trying to tell us something in this photo, but she outed herself  beyond all doubt at  the Zen Green Tea Liqueur launch in Hollywood on Wednesday night with a special friend that had previously accompanied her to SKY Group’s BlackBerry Pearl Flip launch at Highbar, NASCAR’s party at Marquee.

A friend of the singer said “That’s right. Aubrey is out and proud.”

Maybe it’s not such a coincidence that Danity Kane is basically an anagram of Anita Dyke.


December 15, 2008. Tags: , , , . funny, oh sweet jesus, random.


  1. this buddy of mine replied:

    80’s: My father raped me
    90’s: I’m going to rehab
    00’s: I’m a lesbian
    10′?: I gang banged the Jonas brothers

  2. lesfriendly replied:

    lol. i absolutely have no comment on this. i cant even react

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